New fire Station in Ober-Eschbach, Bad Homburg

In Ober-Eschbach, a three-story fire station for the volunteer fire brigade of Ober-Eschbach was built. The building is divided into two parts, the main building and the vehicle hall. There are changing rooms and sanitary facilities, as well as a fitness room and two offices on the ground floor. Function rooms (including a meeting room called “Florianstube”, a youth room, and adjoining rooms) are located in the basement. On the upper floor restrooms, an on-call room with kitchen, changing rooms and sanitary facilities for use of the full-time forces were provided. 4 vehicle parking spaces, storage areas, technical areas and a workshop are included in the intermediate building and the hall. The building plot is located close to a drinking water plant and is therefore classified as a groundwater protection zone II. Therefore extensive requirements and regulations for the construction and operation of the building were to comply with the prevention of pollution of groundwater.

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