UKSH Lübeck Expansion of Refrigeration Control Centre & Free Cooler for the Preclinical Institutes

At the University Hospital of Schelswig-Holsten (UKSH) we provided two ice storages in addition to a cooling unit. The chiller provides a cold power of 1,000 kW. This cooling capacity can be used according to the hydraulic circuit via a heat exchanger to the cold water preparation or used for loading the two ice storages (with the latent storage capacity of 3,500 kWh). The loading is carried out in the night. This energy is stored in the form of ice and used during the day. With help of a delayed energy delivery, costly load peaks with rising energy costs can be avoided by influencing the performance price. The connection of the refrigeration control centre with the main building of the property is ensured with the help of a 120 m-long plastic sheath pipe DN 300.



















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