EMAU Greifswald – New Library, Lecture halls, and Cafeteria

EMAU Greifswald

The accomodations located on the plot and parts of adjacent buildings will be torn down and opened up. A combined new building for a department library for Humanities, three lecture halls and a canteen will be created. The space required for the new building is 1.039,20 m² of main use area for the three lecture halls, 2 877,80 m² for the departmental library and 1 399 m² for the canteen (a total of 5 316 m ² main use area). Attention also had to be paid to monument preservation. The former economic building is fully integrated into the design and refurbishment. Alternative energy (geothermal energy, heat recovery) and intelligent energy concepts (heating-ventilation (day) light concepts) are to be considered and further designed. The implementation will be carried out in several stages.




Lecture Hall


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