Naval base Eckernförde – New Accommodation and Functional Building

After the German military reform in 2011, it was implemented that the naval base of Eckernförde was to be pronounced responsible for site security. Measures have been provided for the further development of the site. Among other things a new building will be constructed for the stationing of an additional unit at the naval base at Eckernförde. The new building will consist of 4 full floors as a working and functional area and 3 full floors for accommodation. The entire building is cellared. Rooms, storage -, IT – and house connection areas will be located in the cellar. For the working and functional floors, lounges and meeting rooms, as well as offices and technical rooms are planned. The building will be given air supply and venting, as well as full air conditioning. Individual areas will also be supplied separately with air and venting. The technical installations are designed for the specific use of the building.

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