Airfield Wunstorf, New Refurbishing Hall

On the German military property in Wunstorf, a maintenance and repair hall was built, which will house the new German military Airbus A400M transport aircraft. The building is divided into several sections. In the 26-metre hangar, two air vehicles can be serviced. For this purpose, an entry bridge crane with a 5 tonne capacity, four media supply points in the ground, as well as various connection possibilities on the walls were provided for each docking space. In the L-shaped extension on the ground floor, (2,080 square metres) it is divided up for the mechanics workshop, engine, hydraulic and electronic warfare technology. The technical building equipment rooms are on the ground floor and are also accessible from the outside. On the upper floor of the two storied extension there is also an office and social areas housed next to the ventilation systems.

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