German National Army Medical Service Hospital Kronshagen

Various laboratory areas in the central building 12, central services, and specialist departments are housed in the German national army medical service hospital in Kronshagen, Kiel. The laboratory areas for veterinary disease medicine and food hygiene were renovated and partially rebuilt. The central media networks of the building had to be adapted, which affected mainly the supply of medical gases (compressed air, fuel gas, CO2), but also the central ventilation system of the building, as well as the drinking water and wastewater treatment. In some areas we even had to redevelop the heating systems.

The furnishing of the laboratories was carried out in stainless steel or HPL. Several digestories were provided with gas, water and waste water connections, the surfaces partially in stoneware. A food lab including a sample kitchen and all media links has been integrated. The design and execution took place with ongoing operations in several construction phases.

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