Planning of Facilities for Higher Education, Research and Health Care

Ecology, economy and social affairs in this target triangle

Especially in higher education, research and health care, it is crucial to ensure high functionality and reliability in the building technology in order to ensure ongoing operation.

In schools and universities, ecology, economy and social affairs are the targeted triangle within the field of institutional education. We see the school and higher education sector as an ongoing  endeavour. Therefore, it is essential to set up a sustainable building technology. Also we pay special attention to  modern and functional media technology and sophisticated lighting concepts. Students should feel at home, as this will further attract more students towards education.

Since universities and traditional classrooms often require laboratory and medical-technical installations, our expert engineers in the field of higher education, research and health care specialize in these particular requirements. In addition to the general guidelines of AMEV and TR school regulations there are also the laboratory Construction guidelines to be considered as well as the technical rules for hazardous substances and the radiation protection ordinance in the application of our design.

Hygiene plays a parent role in health care. Not infrequently, the ongoing continuity within must be ensured during the construction phase.

Here you can select references and view both public and private contracting projects which we have successfully implemented.

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