Market segment: Design of Office and Industrial Buildings

Goal-orientated, secure and geared specifically for your specific needs

A good climate in the workplace is important for the satisfaction and success of employees – in the social as well as in the technical sense.

Therefore,  lighting, as well as the comfort of air-conditioning are particularly important in the planning of office and industrial buildings. We develop tailored lighting concepts specifically for the particular needs of the customer, and also make excellent use of indirect lighting and more. In the field of air conditioning, special air distribution systems or also concrete core activation help in creating a pleasant work environment. Workplace policy, energy saving policies, and/or elevator technology regulation are taken into account in our design.

Additionally, in meeting the extensive fire protection technical requirements of the association of insurance companies is a common requirement in industrial buildings. With the help of our specialists, who are responsible for the planning and implementation of fireproofing and sprinkler technology, we can offer our clients a targeted and secure implementation of their projects.

Here you can select references and view both public and private contracting projects which we have successfully implemented.

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