Market planning for large and special constructions

Always a challenge we look forward to

In the field of large and special constructions we have specialized on projects which are unique in their scope and nature. They are characterized, for example, by a very sophisticated architecture or demand for energy efficiency and sustainability. We also implement measures aimed at improving the sustainability such as local cold supply concepts and extensive rain water usage. Due to the complexity of the projects, we increasingly employ 3D-design tools.

The successful completion of such projects requires a wealth of experience. For these projects we rely on the expertise of our colleagues in this field. In addition to the usual design work, they provide services in project management and steering/control, as well as in risk management or quality assurance. As in all our market fields, we see active cooperation with our clients and design experts as an absolute must.

Here you can select references and view both public and private contracting projects which we have successfully implemented.

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