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Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. In 1819, Singapore was built by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles as a trading post for the British East India Company. Until 1959 it was a british colony until 1963 when it merged with Malaysia. It then withdrew just two years later from the federation and became an independent republic. Then Singapore gradually became one of the most successful countries worldwide, with solid international trade relations, (its port is among the largest in the world), as well as a per capita gross national product which is similar to that of the leading nations of western Europe. One could be be of the opinion that Singapore lacks in originality and landmarks, (such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Burj al Arab in Dubai), but nevertheless, Singapore is unique in every way, as their tourism office slogan promises, “Uniquely Singapore“. In addition to professional activities it is also an ideal destination for an interesting and relaxing vacation.

Key data for Singapore
Capital Singapore
Population 5.607.300 (EST. 2016)
Population density 7799 inhabitants per km2
Area 719,2 km2


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