GRID SYSTEMS: Energy Power Calculation and Simulation

Energy capture, investigation, analysis, and simulation

emutec GRID SYSTEMS has focused itself on the creation, testing and specialised continuous maintenance of energy network simulations in the field of electrical energy distribution. The range of energy distribution networks can span from the high voltage, medium voltage down to the low voltage level. The same applies for expansive property networks over compact production or industrial facilities to extensive hospital complexes with various operating conditions.

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Nowadays, energy distribution networks to be extended due to growing demand and complexity of systems are often carried out without taking the entire network into consideration. This kind of handling is always at the expense of security of supply. The most common problems are in the areas of circuit protection, selectivity, short-circuit current strength and trigger safety.

emutec GRID SYSTEMS core expertise is among other things a system for capturing and investigating these existing energy distribution networks using an inventory in order to determine what consequences could come from any changes to the energy network. Also in the integration of decentralised power feeds or measurement or rather energy management systems. emutec GRID SYSTEMS is the right choice!

Summarisation of our core expertise:

  • Short circuit current calculation in accordance with DIN VDE 0102 including examination of response reliability
  • circuit protection according to DIN VDE 0100-430
  • Selectivity calculation according to DIN VDE 0100-710 and DIN VDE 0100-718
  • Load flow analysis including the resources utilization of transformers, transmission facilities, etc.
  • Tests for the integration of decentralised power feeds (block heat power plants, photovoltaic systems, etc.)
  • Determination of loads by use of individual measurements (measurement analysis)
  • Power calculation for existing networks with missing / defective documentation
  • Network planning with current planning software

Using product-neutral software emutec GRID SYSTEMS can update and follow the construction of the network calculation design. As soon as the products are confirmed by the executing company, they are added. In this way, the network calculation stays revised and up to date right up to delivery.

Grid Systems

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