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Pfingstweide 24
61169 Friedberg

TEL-ICON +49 (0) 6031 96 597 11
FAX-ICON +49 (0) 6031 96 597 99
MAIL-ICON kontakt@emutec-mitte.de

Contact person: Mr. Markus Tüpker


The Friedberg site

Friedberg once had a prominent role in the middle ages and was a rich town. Today, it is not quite so, but the city has more to offer than you think. The location of the city is of great advantage to many companies who have settled in this region.

Key data for Friedberg
Federal State Hessen
Population approx. 28,000
Population density about 553 inhabitants per sq km
Surface approx. 51 sq km

Between Frankfurt and Gießen, Friedberg represents the most important transport hub. The most important line is the north south main line in the form of the A5 and B3, and the B3 is quickly reached from the emutec engineering office Friedberg. It is a strategic location to reach the southern metropolitan areas.

Our Engineering Office Friedberg is located not far from the Centre, where there are many shopping and leisure facilities in the main area of the city. Worth highlighting is the 800 meters long and 40 meters wide Kaiser street, the heart of the downtown area, which has numerous dining options and various specialized stores. The castle complex with the Adolfs tower is not far away  and absolutely worth a visit.

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