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Otto-Schott-Straße 13 – Gebäude 56
07745 Jena

TEL-ICON +49 (0) 3641 7979120
MAIL-ICON stefan.busemann@emutec.de

Contact: Mr Stefan Busemann

The site in Jena

Jena is a German university city in Thüringen in the metropolitan region of central Germany. It is by the river Saale between the limestone slopes of the Ilm Saale plate and is the second largest city in Thüringen, representing one of the three top centers, the capital being Erfurt. The emutec®  center specialised in fire protection is located here.

Key data for Jena
Federal State Thüringen
Population 109.527 (31. Dez. 2015)
Population density 954 inhabitants per km2
Area 114,76 km2

The Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena was founded in 1558 and is now the largest university in Thüringen, with nearly 20,000 students . Jena began to develop into an industrial city in 1874 with the construction of the Saal railway. It is the centre for German optical and fine mechanics industries of the Carl Zeiss company. The Carl Zeiss collective, with approximately 60,000 employees was also the largest of the GDR. After the German reunification in 1990, Jena developed from an industrial center into an educational and scientific center as well. Many research laboratories and institutes have their headquarters here.
Jena is a high-rise city. Two of the earliest German high-rises were erected in the city for the Zeiss construction 15 and 36. The 144.5 m (with antenna 159,60 m) high office tower, ”the Jentower”, was the tallest building in Germany at its completion in 1972.

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