Our team

“The combined force of global ideas.”

Our engineering team currently comprises of approximately 100 ladies and gentlemen in all of Germany. They all share a common goal: shaping the future in an environmentally-friendly way.
Fundamental prerequisites for a successful interaction with each other are respectful treatment, mutual trust and good communication.

Our colleagues are not only highly qualified, they also come from many different nations. Therefore a wide variety of experiences, generations, cultures, ways of life and influences from all over the world come together at emutec. And these in turn affect our concepts and ideas. Can there be a more diverse working basis?

An international team has an especially sensitive look at the global humanitarian problems. Since we do not shy away from our social responsibilities, we have committed for many years with enthusiasm to charitable projects in Germany and abroad.

To strengthen our team spirit, our regular celebrations with families and common sports competitions are an integral part of our corporate culture. In this way we also quickly make colleagues into team players and friends.

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