Sustainable corporate management

“You must remember yesterday, if you want to make tomorrow lasting and great.”

If you want to make tomorrow innovative and worth living, you need not only first class skills, but one main thing, experience. This we have collected in abundance in the past.

As an engineering firm founded in 2002 and now developed Germany wide into an engineering group with multiple locations, we have and always will keep our claim of spiritual and material independence, but also maximum quality. We provide our clients high quality and objective results.

We can only meet our high quality standards in the first place with the help of all emutec expert colleagues. Putting things into constant question, the will to always make things even better, and to never be completely satisfied with our achievements links us as an emutec team and makes us successful!
Our quality assurance is an essential part of successful business management. The DIN ISO 9001 is basis and guide for the ongoing optimization of our working methods and processes.

In addition to our demands and requirements, we also see the need for corporate social responsibility, to meet the social needs of our colleagues. It is important to us to provide job security for the future. Regular internal and external training measures are carried out. In this way we contribute to knowledge transfer within the emutec group and also to our economic success and the safeguarding of jobs.

For our economic success, it is also important that everyone feels at home with us – in every stage of life. The support of our colleagues as mothers and fathers is essential for this. With individual working time models, home office, or the opportunity to know their children are well taken care of in emergency situations, we help our employees to balance their professional and family lives harmoniously. In addition, we also rely on the team of tomorrow. We promote young talents, because only dedicated and well trained colleagues can transform new technologies into successful services.

If we now look to the future, we see emutec® as a reliable and competent partner. Our focus is geared towards a sustainable, ecological policy, which effectively protects our environment and with the help of technical innovations, makes a future worth living for.

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