Our Advisory Councils – Maximum Success Through Focused Expertise

Scientific Advisory Board

The development cycles in many areas of life are becoming ever shorter. In order to meet past and future technical challenges, and also to anticipate trends early and their implementation and also for open discussion, the scientific advisory council at emutec was founded in 2012.
Combining the fields of research and science with the practice thereof, has led to conceptual activities in the form of studies and research – also with student participation-taking on a completely new role for all involved.

For these tasks, we have two external, highly qualified experts available: Prof. Dr.-ing. Thomas Juch from Bremerhaven University, Institute for technical building equipment and building management, and Prof. Dr.-ing. Michael Röther of the HAW, faculty of engineering and computer science in Hamburg, guest professor at the University of Shanghai for science and technology, P. R. of China.

Together with our two managing directors Dipl.-ing. Jörg Strömmer and Dipl.-ing. Stefan Winter, future-related topics will be discussed at the regular events apart from everyday practice. This will make it easier to grasp complex connections, to make operational and strategic decisions – and to lead the company into a successful and secure future.

Advisory Board for Personnel Development and Locating New Personnel / emutec | Academy

Our colleagues are a key success factor for the emutec GmbH. To best meet our responsibility to our team, an advisory board for the personnel development and locating of new personnel for emutec  was founded by us in 2015.

For these tasks we have three external, highly qualified experts in the field of “human resources” available. Dr. Silvia Funk, Marianne Gluth from Goessel and Meike Siemen who can all look back on many years of experience as leaders, personnel trainers and mediators.

In the advisory board, these experts have regular appointments with the two chief executives, Jörg Strömmer and Dipl.-ing. Stefan Winter, discussing in addition to the everyday topics also topics such as “Work and family” as well as future trends and developments in the areas of human resources development and the locating of new talent.

Our common goal is to secure the quality and satisfaction of our members and colleagues – an essential part of our corporate culture.

Under the umbrella of emutec | Academy, promoting our managerial, technical, and junior staff as a central focus will be headed by Marianne von Goessel, together with Dr. Silvia Funk and Meike Siemen. In addition to the technical development, which is set by the managers of the respective locations, the academy focuses on the various “soft skills” in daily management and work.

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