The emutec GROUP designs a new charging infrastructure for the Hamburg railway’s electric buses

Equipped with answers to the questions of a new era. Infrastructure planning for e-mobility.

The topic of electromobility is gaining importance in today’s world. In the course of this future-oriented rethinking, the Hamburg-based railway company is currently creating one of the largest european projects for charging infrastructure with the new construction of the “Triangular Junction” in Alsterdorf. This is a Bus depot which will cover a part of the charging infrastructure for the railway’s future Elektrobus fleet.

Certified engineers of the EMUTEC ® group are currently developing the energy technology and charging infrastructure for the first building phase, which will allow 48 Elektrobuses to charge their batteries at the same time with up to 150 kw. The electric buses will be supplied through the charging cables hanging from the carport ceiling. The associated technology is in a so-called “technical headquarters” on the second level. The carport roofs themselves will be greened.

In the last development phase, the railway will provide charging infrastructure for a total of 240 buses at the “Triangular Junction”.


Other tasks of the Emutec ® group include the development of a medium-voltage protection concept as well as the development for an energy centre with medium and low voltage technology and charging units.

The protection concept is developed for the entire property network and includes the delivery station of the 110 kV side as well as the 20 kV distribution for the entire Bus depot. The power supply is ensured by means of meshed structures and an alternate supply system. For this there will be an initial redundant connection power of 25 mva.

The conception of the energy center will be achieved by 3D design on the roof of the first carport.

As a result, various challenges can be achieved, such as:

An extensive fire protection technical evaluation
The development of a network protection concept for all charging units
Non-discriminatory development for vendor-neutral tendering
A route design for guiding the required cables

Another goal is to supply the approx. 8 MVA installed power per carport via four transformers. The bus depot is working on the integration and development of the electronic bus depot management System (EBMS).


Currently, the cooperation between the railway and the Emutec ® group includes a joint development of operational technology solutions for maintenance scenarios, internal switching options, etc. This is where the experience of the engineering company and the client come together in order to develop a project that has never existed like this before. The railway has long been operating island systems in the field of charging technology and knows what is important in the operation. Through the design and tendering experienced engineers of the Emutec ® group, the project is also to be brought forward in the field of network technology.

About the project: Https://www.hochbahn.de/hochbahn/hamburg/de/Home/Naechster_Halt/Ausbau_und_Projekte/neuer%20betriebshof%20gleisdreieck

Expanding the LNG value chain

Climate-friendly refrigeration through LNG cold recovery – an added value for LNG
The demand for cold for industry, food handling and climatization is globally growing by 1-2% p. a. and the replacement of costly and environmentally harmful compression technology (state-of-the-art) is pressing. It is estimated that electrical refrigeration and air-conditioning consumes almost 25% of the electrical energy in Europe, a tremendous saving potential and attractive business opportunity for the application of new technologies.
One very promising approach results from the globally rising use of LNG as energy source, since a huge cold capacity is stored at -162°C and is today completely wasted during regasification at port terminals or satellites. Eco ice has developed and patented an innovative technology to recover this highly valuable cold capacity without any additional consumption of LNG and at very low costs.
Thanks to this new technology, highly valuable deep cold can be provided with zero emissions of CO2 or other pollution. Compared to the traditional compression technology, this can be translated into a 100% decrease of CO2 emissions and pollution.

The application of our patented LNG cold recovery modules ranging from 100 kW to 16 MW allows industrial and commercial users to be supplied with high-quality LNG-recycled cold down to -60°C, making this technology highly relevant for the regional development, specifically the settlement of companies from different sectors around LNG ports:
– Cheaper deep-freezing and storage: food industry, fish-processing industry
– Cheaper storage and transportation of frozen products on trucks (mobile solution): warehousing and logistics
– Cheaper generation of cold for manufacturing processes: chemical industry, air separation, cryogenic recycling, plastics processing, wood processing, production of compounds and composites, pharmaceutic industry, etc.
– Weather-independent operation of sports and leisure facilities (e.g. indoor ski trails, ice skating rinks, theme worlds / arctic adventure parks)
During regasification for local gas grids or from satellite tanks, capacities up to 200 kW of deep cold (down to -60°C) are to be expected. The application for large regasification systems at ports provides refrigeration capacities of more than 1,000 kW. At a typical LNG receiving terminal, several hundreds of Megawatt of deep cold can be recovered from LNG.

The following example of a real European LNG Terminal (port) shows the tremendous effect of using LNG cold recycling on environment protection:
During regasification of 2.833 m³/ h LNG into 1.700.000 m³/h natural gas, 187 MW refrigerating capacity is lost to the environment. For the provision of this amount of cooling energy through conventional compression cooling technology, 249 MWel and 1,1 Mio t/a CO2 must be produced in a power plant. The worldwide introduction of the LNG cold recovery solution would therefore contribute substantially to achieving the climate targets.
If we include in the assessment more complex systems of LNG cold recovery combined with CHPs and waste heat recovery for additional cold production, we have reached one of the most advanced concepts for maximizing the benefits of LNG regasification and uses. To pave the way for LNG as future energy carrier, LNG cold recovery should therefore become state-of-the-art technology at all mayor regasification plants.

For more informations:
emutec GROUP
Mr. Stefan Herde / Business Development
T: +49 (0)40 309866 406
E: stefan.herde@emutec.de

Eco ice Kälte GmbH and emutec GmbH enter into a partnership

Eco ice Kälte GmbH from Leipzig / Borna and the engineering company emutec GmbH from Norderstedt near Hamburg will as partners organize and implement a newly developed and patent protected technology that recovers cooling energy by regasifying LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

LNG is liquefied natural gas, which is cooled down to minus 162°C for easier and safer transport and converted back to the gaseous state by using heat supply for e. g. from seawater and air.

With the cooling technology from Eco ice and the engineering expertise for system integration from emutec GmbH, the previously unused cooling energy can now be decoupled and used for various cooling purposes via appropriate refrigerants. The specially developed heat exchanger makes it possible to use the energy efficiently in industry, air conditioning in buildings and for preserving food items in frozen storages. The costs for the production of cooling in buildings and industries can thus be reduced considerably, and large amounts of energy no longer have to be released into the environment.

This technology can be used economically wherever LNG is converted from liquid to gaseous state and where there is a need for cooling energy. Based on the long experience of both companies, Eco ice Kälte GmbH and emutec GmbH want to use individually tailored solutions for utilization in LNG import terminals, for use in industry and also on ships with LNG propulsion.

Eco ice Kälte GmbH:

Eco ice Kälte GmbH is based in Borna/Saxony and provides innovative technologies for cost-effective and environmentally friendly production of cooling and heating energy. The company offers its customers worldwide complete systems from a single source, with which energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. In 2016, the innovative plant which uses the cooling energy released during the regasification of LNG was awarded the “Deutschen Kältepreis ” by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety.

Further information can be found under www.eco-ice.net/de/

Healthcare Infrastructure Technology and Engineering Conference 2017

Our Singapore representative Ong Eng Tong was privileged to be invited by the Ministry of Health Holdings of Singapore to their annual Healthcare infrastructure, technology & engineering conference held on March 7-8,2017 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.


The theme of the conference is “Smart Healthcare Infrastructure for all ages” it is attended by around 300 participants.

IKEA Celebrates Taklagsfest in Kaarst

IKEA celebrated their roofing festival for the latest furniture House in Kaarst on the first of February with 470 guests in business and politics. The shell is expected to be completed next week but the opening has been moved to late autumn due to extreme winter weather. The new furniture store is the world’s most sustainable IKEA and will be the standard for all following locations. Under the concept “More Sustainable Store“, it makes particular use of environmentally friendly technologies, natural materials, plenty of natural light in the product exhibition areas, roof terraces and a landscaped outdoor area.

IKEA has invested approximately €100 million in their new store consisting of 25,500 square meters.  It also provides jobs for 320 employees. Emutec® GmbH is very pleased and prides itself on this project to be the partner responsible for all technical building equipment

Welcome to emutec® GRID SYSTEMS GmbH

With the launch of the new year the emutec® group has grown significantly. The former GRID SYSTEMS market segment has now become the independently acting emutec® GRID SYSTEMS GmbH under the leadership of Managing Director Steffen Brümmer and Jörg Strömmer. The service portfolio primarily includes the creation and continuous maintenance of energy network simulations in the field of electrical energy distribution.

Emutec® GmbH is very happy about this positive development and wants to wish the ‘old’ colleagues luck and even more success in the ‘new’ company.

Currently the emutec® GROUP consists of 6 nationwide locations, a representative office in Singapore and the two further companies of emutec® ENERGY LINK and emutec® GRID SYSTEMS.

Travel of emutec® GmbH Delegates to Iran in Hindsight

Delegates travelled In early November delegates to Iran with representatives in business and politics (see news item 11.11.2016). Below a short summary and review by Stefan Herde, who represented emutec® on this trip.

“The trip to Iran was a great success for  emutec® GmbH in many ways. By participating in the trade mission, we could  build our first contacts with industry representatives in Iran and identify synergies within the group of participants, as well as make interesting contacts for possible projects in Northern Germany.

In addition to many joint meetings with local construction companies, banks and state development functions, we were able to make contacts with Iranian company representatives at a cooperation forum. Our broad-based reference projects were of great interest to our interlocutors who also showed great enthusiasm for the planning of a new international airport in Tehran, as well as the construction of new hospitals. In Iran, an energy rich country, there is also great interest in the expansion of renewable energies since the general conditions for the development of wind and solar energy are ideal. The increasing environmental pollution can also be significantly curbed by the use of fossil fuels.

This country has a very versatile potential with regard to the development of business and emutec® GmbH is very interested in engaging in building the infrastructure with its expertise and experience in cooperation with other German companies.

We will maintain contact within the delegation and continue discussions in collaboration with the Ministry of economy in Schleswig-Holstein and the city of Hamburg, and together examine the possibilities for our further involvement in Iran.

It remains exciting!”

New Energy Concepts for South Africa

RENAC as well as the “Energy Efficiency Export Initiative” organised an exchange of information on the subject of “Energy efficiency in industry and commerce in South Africa” in Berlin. The need for energy-efficient solutions in South Africa is particularly pronounced due to the currently very high price of electricity, as well as frequent outages which still affect the electricity market. New concepts for local and independent electricity production, also using renewable energy, are very important for South Africa in industry and trade. In addition to the testimonials of German entrepreneurs about their project developments, the managing director of the foreign trade office for South Africa, Mr. Hauser, reported on the local challenges and conditions. The DEG Bank informed as to possibly assisting in the financing of pilot projects and offered a broad alliance in entering the market.


During the business development activities, emutec® made use of the possibilities for  exchange of experience and the making of contacts with potential local and German partners in order to review the business opportunities for emutec®.


Foundation Stone Laid for Modern Office and Functional Building at Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport celebrated the laying of the foundation stone for a modern office building with its partners and contractors. The Federal and State police, as well as customs will find their new home here after opening in 2018 in an approximately  9,500 square meter space. There will also be a new building for the ground traffic services at Hamburg Airport.  The building includes space for administration, locker rooms, control centres and an additional area which can be used for offices with direct access.

Emutec® GmbH is responsible in this project for construction phases 2-6 in the cost group 440 and 450.

Quelle: hamburg-airport.de


emutec® Showcases Energy Efficient Solutions in Singapore

The German- Singaporean Industry and chamber of commerce organized a symposium on the theme of “Energy Solutions – Made in Germany“. emutec® was invited along with other selected German companies to attend the conference on the 20th of September in Singapore.

This Southeast Asian city-state is known for its economic leadership role in the ASEAN region and has now also declared it’s goal to take on a prominent role in the field of renewable energy on a global scale. In the context of the national energy policy, concrete objectives were defined. This includes in particular the improvement of energy efficiency, as well as the development of an energy industry with focus on clean energy. Singapore wants to position itself as a regional centre for solar technology, research, development and pilot projects to accelerate the development of energy-efficient solutions.

The national economic ministry for finance and energy has developed a program known as the “Energy Efficiency Export Initiative“, which promotes cooperation with selected industrialized, emerging and developing countries, and supports German providers abroad in market development and location. In addition to a long-standing and successful cooperation between Germany and Singapore, this concept promotes further intense cooperation, whereby the expertise of the German energy industry and engineering services are used as a basis.

emutec® has been part of the “Energy Efficiency Export Initiative” since the spring of 2016 and represents the interests of the ministry of economy and energy abroad and presents its services within the framework of the initiative “Energy Efficiency-Made in Germany”.

The introduction of the German participants and their products and services to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in buildings stood at the forefront of this several-day event from September 18-22 in Singapore. emutec® was represented at this event by the international business development manager, Stefan Herde as well as Mr. Ong Eng Tong, an emutec® representative in Sinapore, and was able to present its services to a select audience.

emutec® was also able to make use of many individual meetings in order to introduce special solutions and reference projects. In numerous discussions with other engineering firms, development companies, construction companies, architects and also the local authorities, the great interest in solar-based solutions in the field of climate technology was made very clear, since approximately 60% of the energy in buildings is used for air conditioning. Through the targeted use of absorption chillers, incorporating solar technology, a large potential for improving energy efficiency is made possible.

The participation on this business trip is yet another successful step on the road to the international development of emutec. On the basis of  many linked contacts, emutec® will continue to position itself in Singapore and the region through participation in local pilot projects and selected partnerships.

Further information as to international business development and contact information:

Stefan Herde
International Business Development


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