Lighting systems

Engineering firm with expertise in the field of lighting systems

As in all our core competencies, the field of lighting is subject to a certain fast pace. This can only be compensated for by the attainment of current knowledge and extensive expertise.

For this field we therefore make good use of our DIN-certified employees. As light technicians / light design specialists they have the overall understanding of lighting systems and the current resources. Not only knowing its steering and effects, but can also work ecologically and economically in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Our design experts have a comprehensive knowledge of the wide range of lighting systems in addition to an interdisciplinary understanding of design across different fields. There is also a profound range of light and lighting technology, as well as the detailed theoretical knowledge about the relationship between physiological perception, the light, the effects of light, and related electrical engineering.

Our range of services as an engineering firm with expertise in the field of lighting systems includes:

  • Valuation of inventory systems
  • Indicative measurements according to DIN 5035-6
  • Economic considerations
  • Design of new installations
  • Risk assessment according to ASR A3 4 and ASR A3. 4/3
  • Certified and DIN tested according to Reg.Nr. PZ-LTI-021



New construction Zentralgebäude Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Owner: Stiftung Universität Lüneburg
Concept: Prof. Daniel Libeskind, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Your contact for questions and further information:

Mr. Fred Wendt
TEL-ICON (0) 40 / 30 98 66 – 19

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